• Enersys EnForcer IMPAQ / IMPAQ+

    Key features
    • Conventional / Opportunity Charging
    • Charging Range 24/36/48V and 72/80V
    • Charges Flooded Batteries
    • Cold Storage
    • Auto Equalization Charge
    • Wireless Communication Between Charger and Battery Via Wi-iQ® Battery Device (IMPAQ+ only)

    These modular forklift battery chargers from Enersys offer intelligent charging with advanced efficiency and the flexibility to maintain peak efficiency at all times. The modular design of EnForcer® IMPAQ™ chargers adapts to a wide range of battery voltages and capacities. (more…)

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  • Enersys Nexsys+

    Key features
    • Smart / Fast / Opportunity Charging
    • Automatic Bypass For Minor Faults Provides Continuous Operation
    • Automatic Temperature Adjustment With Wi-iQ Battery Device
    • Includes Proprietary IONIC™ Charge Profile, Nexsys Block, Standard and Fast Charge Profiles
    • 4.3" Color Screen Dashboard

    NexSys®+ plug-n-play forklift chargers automatically adjust to multiple DC voltages and battery capacities. With high charge rates, NexSys®+ chargers slash recharge times and permit opportunity charging to increase productivity and boost fleet efficiency. For maximum cost savings, the IONIC charge profile allows one charger to service multiple battery types and sizes without the need to buy additional chargers. (more…)

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  • ACT Quantum

    Key features
    • Designed to Make Your Fleet Work Smarter, Not Harder
    • Wireless Cloud Integration (BATTview) With Fleet Energy Management (ACTview) and Fleet Monitoring Services (ACTintelligent)
    • Remote Firmware and Software Updates
    • Reduce Power Consumption and Costs
    • Intuitive User Interface

    Quantum chargers are designed so you can fully control your charger fleet, from anywhere. Quantum forklift chargers are smart-grid ready and solutions-focused, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Modular in design, ACTs Quantum chargers can be added as your needs grow. A user-friendly, plug-and-play interface gives you the ability to future-proof your operations and add power as your operations grow.

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  • Ametek® – Eclipse II Plus

    Key features
    • Opportunity, Fast or Conventional Charging
    • High Frequency Conventional Charger
    • Ingtelligent Monitoring System Provides Optimum Charge Regardless Battery of Age, Type or Temperature
    • Small and Light, Easy to Store and Maintain
    • Wireless Fleet Management System
    • High Efficiency Means Reduced Energy Costs

    Designed to maintain the battery between 30% and 80% state of charge via short opportunity charges. The Eclipse II Plus is also capable of charging a forklift battery to 100% in 6 hours or less.

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  • Enersys Express

    Key features
    • Smart and Fast Charging
    • Compact Fast Charge Design
    • Exclusive Express Fast Charge Profile Enables Rapid, Intelligent Charging
    • Multi-voltage, Multi-amp Hour, High Frequency Design
    • Adapt to a Wide Range of Battery Capacities, Making it Possible to Potentially Reduce the Number of Chargers in a Fleet
    • Increase Productivity By Quickly and Safely Charging Fast-charge Batteries

    Engineered with the latest innovations digital power control, Express high frequency fast chargers allow batteries designed for fast charging to be safely charged anytime during the shift-day. (more…)

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  • Ametek Battery Mate 100 – Battery Mate 80

    Key features
    • Dependable and Efficient Charging Every Time
    • Automatic Start & Stop
    • Efficient, Low Cost Operation
    • Easy AC Voltage Input Changes
    • Adjustable DC Output
    • Overload, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity Connection, Protection

    Designed for multiple shift operations, the Battery Mate 100® is rated to recharge a 100% discharged battery within 8 hours. For one and two shift operations, the Battery Mate 80® will recharge an 80% discharged battery within 8 hours.

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  • Ametek® – Ultra Maxx®

    Key features
    • Flexible Opportunity Charger
    • Two Line Display Shows Output Volts, Amps, AH Returned During Charge Cycle
    • Battery Identification Module (optional)
    • Temperature Compensation With BID Assures Full Recharge Regardless of Operating Temperature
    • Charge Batteries to 80% in 3 Hours or Less
    • Also Charges Batteries at Conventional and Valve Regulated Rates

    This flexible opportunity charger is designed to work in two and some three shift applications. Capable of charging batteries to 80% in 3 hours the Ultra Maxx® applies higher charging currents to deeply charged batteries.

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  • Ametek® – Ultra Charge®

    Key features
    • Optimal Flexibility and Temperature Compensation
    • Two Line Display Shows Output Volts, Amps, AH Returned During Charge Cycle
    • Battery Identification Module (optional)
    • Temperature Compensation With BID Assures Full Recharge Regardless of Operating Temperature
    • Charge 100% Discharged Batteries in 8 Hours or Less
    • Adapts to All Battery Types With 7 User-selectable Charge Curve Options

    Known for its flexibility, this Ultra Charge® charger by Ametek® can charge flooded AGM and Gel lead batteries of almost any voltage or AH size. Great for manufacturing, multi-shift operations, and works well in extreme environments and cold storage applications.

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  • Ametek® – PowerStar Plus®

    Key features
    • Opportunity Charging Solution
    • Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Charging Technology
    • Battery Determines its Own Charge Rate Based on State of Discharge, Temperature & Age
    • No Gassing Feature
    • Charge Rates as High as 50 Amps Per 100AH of Battery Capacity
    • Fail-safe Design Protects Batteries From Over or Undercharging

    The PowerStar Plus® is an opportunity charger designed to recharge batteries from 20% start of charge to 80% state of charge in 3 hours or less.

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  • Ametek Multiple Circuit Accu-Charger

    Key features
    • 6 Independent Charging Circuits
    • 100% Rated to Recharge Fully Discharged Batteries
    • Automatic Start | Stop
    • Efficient, Low Cost Operation
    • Battery and Charger Protection Against Overload, Short Circuit, Revers Polarity Connection. Voltage Transients
    • One Input Line Reduces Installation Costs

    This Ametek® Mutli-circuit charger is capable of charging 100% discharged lead batteries in its ampere-hour rating within 8 hours. But its the choice of interchangeable controls, easy AC voltage input changes and the adjustable DC output voltage that adds flexibility and value to this charger.

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  • Ametek LTD-Ferro

    Key features
    • Light Duty Single-shift Charger
    • Automatic Equalize
    • 10-16 Hour Charge Time
    • User Selectable Charge Termination
    • Back-up Timers For Additional Battery Protection and AC Fail Recovery
    • 3 Year Transformer Warranty

    This quality, economically priced, overnight charger is designed for use in light, single-shift operations where 10-16 hours are available for charging. Typical applications include walkie trucks, light-duty narrow aisle trucks, sweepers/scrubbers, man-lifts and other equipment using lead deep-cycle batteries.

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