• Enersys Nexsys+

    Key features
    • Smart / Fast / Opportunity Charging
    • Automatic Bypass For Minor Faults Provides Continuous Operation
    • Automatic Temperature Adjustment With Wi-iQ Battery Device
    • Includes Proprietary IONIC™ Charge Profile, Nexsys Block, Standard and Fast Charge Profiles
    • 4.3" Color Screen Dashboard

    NexSys®+ plug-n-play forklift chargers automatically adjust to multiple DC voltages and battery capacities. With high charge rates, NexSys®+ chargers slash recharge times and permit opportunity charging to increase productivity and boost fleet efficiency. For maximum cost savings, the IONIC charge profile allows one charger to service multiple battery types and sizes without the need to buy additional chargers.

    All NexSys+ charger models are Wi-iQ device enabled. When equipped with a Wi-iQ device that features temperature management, the charger will automatically compensate for temperature, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. In addition, NexSys+ chargers feature a 4.3” multi-color dashboard screen and an advanced interface to provide enhanced diagnostics and feedback to the operator.

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