• Enersys Express

    Key features
    • Smart and Fast Charging
    • Compact Fast Charge Design
    • Exclusive Express Fast Charge Profile Enables Rapid, Intelligent Charging
    • Multi-voltage, Multi-amp Hour, High Frequency Design
    • Adapt to a Wide Range of Battery Capacities, Making it Possible to Potentially Reduce the Number of Chargers in a Fleet
    • Increase Productivity By Quickly and Safely Charging Fast-charge Batteries

    Engineered with the latest innovations digital power control, Express high frequency fast chargers allow batteries designed for fast charging to be safely charged anytime during the shift-day. With high charge rates, most two shift and some three-shift operations can avoid changing batteries during the day. Drivers just pull up and plug in anytime, including breaks and shift changes: the intelligent charging system automatically recognizes the status of batteries and keeps them optimally charged and equalized.

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