• Cold & Wet Storage Load Wheels

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    • Dual & Triple Wheel Assemblies
    • All Sizes Available
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    • Smoothest ride and quickest run-out of any flat spot – for less vibration and reduced noise, minimizing machine and operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

    • Superior traction in all conditions – unmatched performance in wet and cold conditions.

    • Excellent energy savings – very low rolling resistance minimizes battery drainage in cold storage applications and provides longest operating time possible.

    • Highest Chunk resistance – especially at low temperature from a specialized polyurethane compound.

    The Cushothane® EZ™ polyurethane load wheels for indoor forklifts and pallet jacks offer the highest traction in cold or wet floors, providing grip even on slippery floors.  Cushothane® EZ™ holds its softness and flexibility beyond the normal cold storage/freezer temperature range. The competitor’s harder compound and different chemistry quickly become harder and more brittle in regular cold storage/freezer temperatures, causing a harder ride, loss of traction, and chunking. We engineered the Cushothane® EZ™ to maintain high cut & tear resistance at low temperatures. Available in dual and triple wheel assemblies and can be purchased pre-assembled to include pressed-in bearings, spacers & axles  drop-in ready to save you time.

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