Heli Lithium Ion Forklifts

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  • Heli Lithium 4-Wheel Pneumatic Electric

    Key features
    • CPD
    • Model: CPD20-50-GB2/GD2
    • Capacity: 4,000lb - 10,000LBS
    • 95% Energy Conversion Rate
    • Zero Emission
    Spec Sheet Brochure

    Heli’s lithium-powered forklift offers a more convenient option for multiple shift operations. With lower implicit costs and more economical total running costs, this is the forklift to take your operation to the next level.

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  • Heli Lithium 4-Wheel Cushion Electric

    Key features
    • CPD
    • Model: CPD20-32-GBCLI/GB3CLI
    • Capacity: 4,000lb - 6,500lb
    • Excellent Operator Visibility
    • Increased Lifting Performance
    Spec Sheet

    Heli’s lithium-powered forklift offers higher lifting performance, better stability, and excellent visibility for your operators.

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  • Heli Lithium Ion Reach Truck

    Key features
    • CQD
    • Model: CQD16/18X1-GB2RLi
    • Capacity: 3,500 - 4,000lb Capacity
    • Maintenance Free Battery
    • Electromagnetic Breaking
    Spec Sheet

    Narrow isles? No problem. Heli’s Narrow Aisle Reach truck is designed for efficiency, safety, and intelligence. Unique features allow you to design the most effective machine for your operation. 

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  • Heli Lithium Stand-up Rider

    Key features
    • CPDSR
    • Model: CPDSR15-20-GALi
    • Capacity: 3,000 - 4,000lb Capacity
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Battery Roller & Side Removal
    Spec Sheet

    This 3-wheel cushion stand-up rider forklift comes complete with a Lithium Ion battery and matching charger. The operator station provides a comfortable and efficient operation with great visibility for improved safety.

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