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  • Toyota Heavy Duty Event

    Toyota's Heavy Duty Lease Event

    4 MONTHS FREE HEAVY DUTY LEASE EVENT When you need reliability and power, you need a Toyota Heavy Duty Forklift. From now through to June...

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  • Toyota Warehouse Lease Event

    Toyota's Electric Warehouse Lease Event

    AS LOW AS 0% INTEREST ON ELECTRIC WAREHOUSE PRODUCTS Drive productivity for less during the Toyota Warehouse Lease Event! From now through June 30 2021,...

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  • Toyota AGV's Website Feature Image

    Toyota Automated Forklifts

    A NEW ERA OF FORKLIFTS The world of technology is constantly changing and adapting, with consumers wanting their goods faster. Accuracy, speed and safety are...

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  • Attachment - Website Blog

    Toyota Electric Turret Attachment

    Changing the way your warehouse operates, the Turret Attachment gives your ‘Core’ Electric Forklift the ability to stack at 90° angles. This game changing attachment...

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    Battery Safety PPE Kit

    Maintaining your battery is both essential and hazardous. Because batteries contain chemicals and electrical currents, they pose a hazard if not handled correctly. Battery PPE...

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