Choosing the Right Pallet Jack?

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Pallet jacks are a great addition to your operation, particularly in warehouse and distribution settings, or where spacing is an issue. Since not all pallet jacks are created equal, understanding your operation will help in choosing the best solution for your material handling needs.

Questions to keep in mind when looking for a pallet jack:
1. What type of application? Will the jack be used at a distribution center, retail outlet, transportation or cross docking? Is the environment corrosive or a cold storage application? Is product being moved long distances or short runs?
2. What is the expected daily usage? Is the jack simply for occasional usage, regular usage, or multiple-shift operation?
3. Are there unique requirements? Do operators need to handle two pallets at a time? Is fast charge a requirement? any specific safety requirements?

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To discuss the best jack for you application, please reach out to one of our Material Handling Consultants today!

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