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  • Enersys Enforcer Impaq+

    Multi-volt Forklift Charger
    Key features
    • Smart | Fast | Opportunity Charging
    • Make: Enersys
    • Model: EIP3-IN-4Y
    • Unit #: C-103
    • Serial #: SK579574
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    • 480V Input, 3Ph
    • Max AH: 2000

    This Smart Charging Enersys Enforcer Impaq+ is a 24V/ 36V/ 48V multi-volt forklift charger that comes complete with fast and opportunity charging capabilities. This charger is great if you need to charge multiple battery types and sizes and can help reduce costs without the need to buy additional chargers. With high charge rates, this charger will cut recharge times and permit opportunity charging to increase productivity. This charger is currently available in Edmonton.

    Electric Forklift Charger Details:
    • 24V | 36V | 48V Charging
    • Three Phase
    • 480 AC Volt Input
    • 2000AH (24V) Max Output
    • 2000AH (36V) Max Output
    • 1500AH (48V) Max Output
    • Smart | Fast | Opportunity Charging
    • Automatic Bypass for Minor Faults
    • Automatic Temperature Adjustment with Wi-iQ Battery Device
    • Includes Proprietary IONIC™ Charge Profile
    • 4.3″ Color Screen Dashboard

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