Toyota EZ Control JoyStick

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Toyota’s EZ Control Joystick offers a progressive, ergonomic approach to material handling by putting all hydraulic controls, horn button, and travel direction in a singular handle. An intuitive axis-based pivot combined with strategic button placement and smooth operation puts operators comfortably in control of the most precise material handling challenges.
Available on: Core IC, Mid IC, Large IC, Core Electric, and 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts


The EZ Control Joystick optimizes productivity by placing all hydraulic controls right in the palm of your hand. Thanks to an included horn button and forward/reverse directional switch, operators can conveniently maintain one hand on the steering wheel while allowing the other to control all necessary functions outside of braking and travel. The ergonomic design helps reduce operator fatigue and allows for use of multiple functions at once such as lift and tilt.

Toyoya EZ Control Joystick


Storing small items like pens, tape, and small tools has traditionally been a challenge on sit-down forklifts. The EZ Control Joystick comes complete with two USB charging ports so that operators can conveniently stow objects and charge portable electronic devices.


Standard fore/aft, vertical, and tilt adjustments optimize comfort and productivity for various operator preferences. Adjustments are quickly and easily made using built in controls on the side of the armrest.


Toyota’s EZ Control Joystick utilizes an ISO style joystick design that is featured in construction and agricultural equipment which require simultaneous use of a wide variety of functions. As proven in these high-profile applications, the joystick’s durability and performance can help reduce downtime and power you to new levels of success.

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