• Load Lifter 2414-8D Forklift

    Rough Terrain Forklift Rentals

    The Rough Terrain forklift rentals are available in Diesel models ranging from 6,000lb to 20,000lbs capacity. We carry a variety of industry specific material handling equipment including; Load Lifter Laborers/ Compact 4WD, Mid Capacity 4WD and High Capacity 4WD to keep you productive through rain, snow and muddy conditions. Standard Specs on All Models: •...
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  • Load Lifter 842-G Telehandler

    Telehandler Rentals

    The Telehandlers are available in diesel models ranging from 5,000lb to 10,000lbs capacity. They come equipped with 3 Steering Modes; 2-wheel, 4-Wheel and Crab Steering. The Telehandlers have a comfortable and ergonomic design with great visibility for safe operation. Standard Specs on All Models: • Front | Rear Combo Lights • Back-Up Alarm • Strobe...
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