• Used Electric Forklift Warranty

    30 Day Powertrain Warranty Coverage
    » All electric motors (excluding brushes)
    » Drive control panel components
    » Contractor panels (excluding contact tips and switches)
    » Differential
    » Drive Axle  (excluding brake assembly)

    Exclusions & Limitations
    » Repair or replacement required as a result of: accident, misuse or neglect, lack of reasonable or proper maintenance, alterations or modifications not recommended or approved, wear or deterioration of appearance items due to normal use or exposure.
    » Normal replacement of service items, such as tune-up parts, oil filters and air filters.
    » Normal maintenance services, such as engine tune-up, fuel system cleaning and wheel, brake and clutch adjustments.
    » Tires and tubes.
    » This warranty does not cover transportation costs to and from our shop for repairs.
    » This warranty does not cover inconvenience or loss of use on the industrial truck to the user.


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