• Rough Floors & Heavy Cargo Load Wheels

    Key features
    • Dual & Triple Wheel Assemblies
    • All Sizes Available
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    • Heaviest Load & Duty Cycle – from legendary American polyurethane technology and revolutionary XL3™ bonding technology.

    • Defies the Worst Surface Conditions – from the toughest polyurethane compound with the highest cut & tear resistance.

    • No Bond Failures Guaranteed* – Proprietary XL3™ bonding agent and special steel surface finishing creates a bond that resists heat and shear force.

    The Cushothane® polyurethane heavy load wheels, for reach trucks, order pickers, forklifts, and pallet jacks, are designed to handle heavy cargo loads and demanding duty cycles. A perfect fit for Cushothane® heavy load wheels are indoor, clean, dry floors, guide wheels, medium or short runs, manufacturing facilities, and big box stores. Available in dual and triple wheel assemblies and can be purchased pre-assembled to include pressed-in bearings, spacers & axles  drop-in ready to save you time.

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