• Long Run & High Speed Drive & Steer Tires

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    • Assembly Options: Mold-on & Press-fit
    • All Sizes Available
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    • Engineered for AC-Powered Trucks – Energy efficient compound provides easier rolling, capturing the full performance of AC-motor and extending battery life.

    • Highest Dynamic Load – from the newest technology in polyurethane compounds that generates lower operating temperature in high speed warehouse applications.

    • No Bond Failure Guaranteed* – Proprietary XL3™ bonding agent and special steel surface finishing creates a bond that resists heat and shear force.

    Cushothane® XL-AC™ polyurethane mold-on, press-fit and press-on tires run with the highest dynamic load capacity at the highest speeds.  Paired with low rolling resistance to extend battery life, Cushothane® XL-AC™ comes standard with SuperSmooth™ tread making it easier to roll and therefore draining less battery power and capturing more of the indoor AC-motor performance. They are also backed by the industry’s only No Bond Failure Guarantee*.

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