• Ironclad WorkHog

    Key features
    • Enersys
    • Exclusive Square Tube Positive Plate Design
    • The only 23" High 90 Ampere-hour Battery With Standard, Rather Than High Gravity Electrolyte For Maximum Battery Life
    • Higher Sustained Voltages Reduce Amp Draw, Resulting in Reduced Heat and Strain on the Lift Truck‚Äôs Electrical Components
    • Sleeved Separator Prevents Misalignment and Moss Shorts
    • Backed By a 6 Year Warranty; Mining Batteries Backed By 3 Year Warranty

    The Workhog forklift batteries deliver premium performance thanks to their exclusive square tubular positive plate design. They offer unconventional value by running up to 20% longer than conventional “standard” flat plate batteries. Workhog batteries have proven to be reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. While the Workhog forklift battery is adding value by boosting productivity, it’s also cutting costs. Workhog batteries decrease expensive forklift maintenance because the higher sustained voltage and lower amp draw reduces heat and strain on the truck’s electrical components.

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