• Ironclad Smarthog

    Key features
    • Enersys
    • Available in a Wide Range of Sizes to Fit All Electric Forklifts
    • Exclusive Square Tube Positive Plate Design
    • VRLA Technology Causes Gas to Recombine During Charging For Minimal Battery Gassing Under Normal Conditions
    • VRLA Batteries Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost Because There is No Need to Remove Vent Caps, Add Water or Take Hydrometer Readings
    • Sleeved Separators Prevent Misalignment and Moss Shorts

    Smarthog batteries eliminate the need to remove vent caps, add water, or take hydrometer readings. At the end of the work day, simply connect the battery to your charger. Proven Ironclad valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology causes gas to recombine during charging, so the battery emits little or no gas under normal conditions.

    The Smarthog battery is the perfect no-hassle, no-spill, no-watering battery for every electric-powered vehicle. These include AGVs, personnel carriers, pallet jacks, sit-down forklifts and narrow-aisle lift trucks.

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