• Ironclad Loadhog

    Key features
    • Enersys
    • Up to 18% More Capacity Than Similar Sized Conventional Batteries
    • Exclusive Square Tube Positive Plate Design
    • Higher Sustained Voltages Reduce Amp Draw, Resulting in Reduced Heat and Strain on The Lift Truck‚Äôs Electrical Components
    • Sleeved Separators Prevent Misalignment and Moss Shorts
    • Backed By a 6 Year Warranty; Mining Batteries Backed By 3 Year Warranty

    The Loadhog battery is a proven high-performance battery delivering brute strength and real staying power. The Loadhog forklift battery delivers higher voltage levels throughout discharge than standard flat plate or round tube battery designs due to the Ironclad Effect. Loadhog batteries were the first to pack 100 amp-hours of capacity into a standard 85 amp-hour compartment. That’s 18% more capacity than similarly sized conventional batteries – more than enough to keep running strong through the toughest shifts.

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