• Ironclad Deserthog

    Key features
    • Enersys
    • "Maintenance Free" Flooded Battery
    • Up to 4" of Watering Space
    • Can Cut Watering Intervals to 4 Times Per Year
    • Sleeved Separators Prevent Misalignment and Moss Shorts
    • Backed By a 6 Year Warranty; Mining Batteries Backed By 3 Year Warranty

    The Deserthog battery delivers all the power, reliability and performance you expect from an EnerSys Ironclad battery. And you get the added convenience of having the most “maintenance free” flooded battery in the industry. Available in 90, 100 and 125 amp hour sizes, Deserthog batteries contain an added water reserve that gives you up to four inches of watering space. You’ll add water about 4-6 times a year versus every week. That means a more efficient operation with lower maintenance costs.

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