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    • Assembly Options: Mold-on & Press-fit
    • All Sizes Available
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    • The Perfect Choice for 80% of Tire Applications – Softer compound to minimize machine and operator fatigue balanced with more-than-enough load capacity & abrasion resistance to effortlessly meet general usage applications.

    Superior traction in all conditions – unmatched grip in wet and cold conditions.

    • Excellent energy savings – very low rolling resistance minimizes battery drainage – especially in cold storage applications.

    • Higher chunk resistance & quickest flat-spot run-out – especially in low temperatures due to its extremely unique chemistry.

    The Cushothane® EZ™ polyurethane press-on, mold-on and press-fit tires for indoor forklifts and pallet jacks is one of the most universal compunds for material handling equipment. 80% of equipment falls into the “general use” application with no special tire requirements such as heavy loading or continuous long runs. A slightly softer compound for added comfort and long wear-life that’s more affordable than specialized compounds is all that’s needed in most cases. The Cushothane® EZ™ is the go-to general use compound.

    It also offers the excellent traction in cold or wet floors, providing grip even on slippery floors. Cushothane® EZ™ holds its softness and flexibility beyond the normal cold storage/freezer temperature range. The competitor’s compounds are harder with different chemistry and quickly become more brittle in normal cold storage/freezer temperatures, causing a rough ride, loss of traction, and chunking. We engineered the Cushothane® EZ™ to maintain high cut & tear resistance at low temperatures.

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