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    • Assembly Options: Mold-on & Press-fit
    • All Sizes Available
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    • Heaviest load & highest duty cycle tire compound – Introducing our newest polyurethane compound delivering higher strength, lower operating temperature and lower battery drainage, while maintaining 93A hardness and flexibility required for demanding tire applications.

    • Extended service, longest lasting – Highest abrasion resistance, proven on DIN Abrasion test* and side-by-side field tests.

    • Ultimate chunking resistance – Advanced polymer formation produces a more organized rigid nano-structure that provides higher cut & tear compared to traditional high performance MDI systems.

    • Higher performance & quality consistency – Innovative “End-Terminated” crosslink agent allows for a highly controlled reaction process.

    We engineered the Cushothane® ULTRA-ES™ polyurethane mold-on and press-on tires for the most demanding electric fork trucks. Extended service significantly reduces replacement cycles, downtime and all costs associated. The Cushothane® ULTRA-ES™ tires perform at temperatures well below freezing and stand-up to high speeds, loads and duty.

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