• Cascade Paper Roll Clamps

    Key features
    • H-Series
    • Capacity: 720 to 28,400lbs
    • Small Roll to Jumbo Big Rolls
    • Multi-roll Clamps Available
    • Designed For Gentle Handling to Reduce Damage
    • Variety of Contact Pads Available

    Cascade offers a full line of paper roll clamps to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. The extensive line of damage reduction solutions separates Cascade clamps from the competition, helping you deliver the perfect roll every time.

    Variety of Cascade Paper roll Clamps Available
    » Tissue Roll Clamps
    » 1 & 2 Stack Tower Clamps
    » Sliding Arm Paper roll clamps
    » Pivot arm Clamps
    Available Accessories
    » Paper Roll Clamp Contact Pads to Reduce Damage
    » HFC – Hydraulic Force Control Available For All Cascade Carton Clamps
    » Talon Pads – Replaceable, Segmented Pallet Wear Pads
    » Clamp Open Guard
    » Electronic Pressure Regulator
    » WPM (Wireless Pressure Monitor)
    » DTI (Digital Tilt Indicator)



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