• Cascade Carton Clamps

    Key features
    • J-Series
    • Capacity: 1,750 to 4,850lbs
    • Industry-leading Visibility
    • Rugged Design For Optimal Strength, Durability and Performance
    • Efficient Arm Design
    • Custom Arm Lengths, Heights, Pad Surfaces and Opening Ranges Available
    • Various Mounting Options Including Class III and Quick Disconnect Features

    Designed to handle consumer paper products, appliances, electronics, food, beverages, chemicals, and plastics. Cascade Carton Clamps offer a solution durable enough for the toughest conditions.

    Types of Carton Clamps Available
    » Double Wide Carton Clamp (2,500lb)
    » White Goods (WG) Clamps
    » Tipping Clamps
    » Razorback Clamps
    Available Accessories
    » HFC – Hydraulic Force Control available for all Cascade Carton Clamp models.
    » Talon Pads – Replaceable, segmented pallet wear pads.
    » Clamp Open Guard
    » Electronic Pressure Regulator
    » WPM (Wireless Pressure Monitor)
    » DTI (Digital Tilt Indicator)


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