Forklift Accessories

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  • Forklift Checklist Caddy

    Key features
    • 4½" x 7" Polyethylene Envelope
    • Two-Way Tape for Easy Mounting
    • One Coil Pen
    • One Checklist Pad With 75 Inspection Carbonless Copy Sheets

    The pre-shift operator daily inspection checklist is important to have on all your material handling equipment in your warehouse. These inspections are essential in detecting small repairs, safety issues and keeping an up to date log for your companies safety department.

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  • Toyota SaniStorage Kits

    Key features
    • Easy to Install
    • Toyota 360 Support: 2 Year Warranty

    This easy to install hand sanitizer holder is designed to fit securely on Toyota Forklifts. Easily place cleaning materials within arms reach of operators and help stop the spread of germs. Store disinfectant spray, wipes and other cleaning materials on your forklift for easy operator access when cleaning equipment pre-shift and post-shift or any other high touch points that require regular cleaning.

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  • Side-view Mirror

    Key features
    • 4½"W x 8"H

    The side view mirror mounts easily in the forklift operators compartment using a magnetic arm attachment.

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  • Forklift Tire Chains

    Great for better traction in the winter, forklift tire chains should fit a forklift properly to avoid damaging the forklift. We will custom order chains to fit your wheels.

    >> Tires, Rims and Installation sold separately.
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