Fast Charge Batteries

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  • Enersys NexSys

    Key features
    • Virtually Maintenance-Free-No Watering, Changing, or Equalization
    • Optimized Cycling Performance and High Energy Throughput
    • More Than 99% of the Lead, Plastic, and Electrolyte Can Be Recycled
    • Opportunity Charge Anytime the Vehicle is Parked
    • Extreme Shock and Vibration Resistance

    NexSys® forklift batteries now power more than 30,000 applications across North America and are now suitable for higher capacity Class I, II and III applications in addition to small traction applications. Featuring proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, the NexSys battery portfolio includes configurations that can fast-charge in less than 2 hours and opportunity charge in less than 4 hours.


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  • Enersys Express

    Key features
    • Square Tube Design
    • Heavy Duty Components with Single Point Factory Installed Watering Systems Standard
    • Up to 18% More Available AH Capacity Compared to Flat Plate Fast Charge Batteries
    • A Copper Core Adds to the Low Resistance of the Posts for Lower Heat and Faster Charging

    Only Express forklift batteries are engineered and manufactured specifically for fast charging and long life.  With exclusive Square Tube Technology, heavy duty components and factory installed watering systems, Express batteries will: run cooler, live longer, deliver the most capacity of any fast charge battery.  Express batteries deliver maximum productivity, allowing your forklift(s) to run longer, harder, and faster between charges.


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  • Deka FastCharge

    Key features
    • Faster Charge, Less Downtime
    • Heavy-duty Intercell Connectors Provide Optimal Current Transfer
    • Copper Inserts in Single Post Cells Improve Conductivity
    • Optional Vented Trays and Forced Air Cooling Optimizes Air Circulation
    • Optional Single or Dual Cables and Connectors Are Available Based on Charger

    Optimized for electrical conductivity and extended performance, the Deka FastCharge® battery is built to last longer under rigorous fast charge conditions.

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