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  • Toyota Order Picker

    • Toyota T360 Support
    Key features
    • 8-Series
    • Model: 8BPUE(H)15
    • Capacity: 3,000-3,000lbs
    • up to 390" Lift Height
    • 24 & 36V Systems Available
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    The Toyota Order Picker solves even the most challenging high-reaching warehouse needs. With lift heights up to 390 inches and cushioned mast staging,  operators can comfortably reach your tallest racks for order picking. The Toyota Order Picker easily maneuvers narrow aisles in warehouses, minimizing rack impact during case picking, thanks to optional wire guidance and double rail guidance systems.  You’ll also drive to optimal efficiency with available Lift Logic technology that continuously monitors lift height, allowing for optimized travel speed at various lift heights.

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