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  • Baumann EGX ‘Heavy-Duty’ Electric Sideloaders

    Key features
    • EGX 50 - 80L
    • Model: EGX
    • Capacity: 11,000-17,600lbs
    • 3D Joystick with Capacitive Sensing
    • Lithium Options Available
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    Durability As Standard
    The New EGX is the first sideloader in the world to feature Baumann’s unique stability system, SafeLoad Assistance. The system is designed to assist operators in avoiding dangerous situations when using their sideloaders.

    It takes into account the load centre in dynamic situations, during normal working operations, and uses sensors within the chassis to calculate the stability limit of the truck.

    >Warns operator if safe limits are exceeded
    >Lithium battery option available
    >Longest running hours in its class
    >Award-winning Outreach System
    >X-Plus outreach equipped

    See the New 2023 Baumann EGX in Action 


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