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  • Load Lifter 518-G

    Key features
    • G-Series
    • Capacity: 5,500-5,500lbs
    • Compact & Maneuverable
    • Quick Disconnect Attachments
    Spec Sheet

    The smallest of the Load Lifter Telehandlers, this compact and maneuverable design offers excellent operator visibility, a comfortable operators cabin and ergonomic controls to make the operators experience hassle-free. This North American manufactured Telehandler also offers a fill range of attachments; such as, forks, bucket, lifting hook and grapple bucket, to name a few.

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  • Xtreme XR619

    Key features
    • Model: XR619
    • Capacity: 6,000-6,000lbs
    • 19ft Max Lift Height
    • 11ft Forward Reach
    Spec Sheet

    With 360° operator visibility, a suspension seat and easy cab mounted grab handles. This compact telehandler will keep operators comfortable.
    » Available with air filled or foam filled tires.
    » 48″ to 72″ Forks Available, including 48″ block fork tines.
    » 1.0cu yard Bucket (compatible attachment, optional)
    » 4ft x 4ft / 4ft x 6ft Personnel platform (compatible attachment, optional)

    VIDEO LIBRARY: The Xtreme Difference


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