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The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift delivers a versatile solution for tight-fitting construction and maintenance needs like piping, plumbing, and painting. A zero-degree turn radius offers the key to accessing hard to reach locations. Using state-of-the-art AC drive motors, it also offers precise travel and industry-leading run time that equate to greater efficiency and low cost of ownership.

AICHI’s Engineering Success
AICHI’s industry-leading design approach is founded upon a tradition of excellence and a proven track record of innovation, such as standard AC drive motors. With 250,000 units sold worldwide and over 50 years of business experience, AICHI has firmly established itself as the leading authority in aerial lifts.

• Zero Degree Turning Radius
• Digital Monitor w/ On-board Tuning
• Sliding Extension Deck
• Toyota Motor Controllers
• 24v AC Drive System



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