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  • GNB Industrial Power EHF

    36V Forklift Charger
    Key features
    • Smart Charging
    • Make: GNB
    • Model: EHF36T110
    • Unit #: C-0442
    • Serial #: DMEHF0442
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    • 480V Input, 3Ph
    • Max AH: 750

    This 36V GNB EHF Series forklift charger provides a multi-curve range for standard flooded, low maintenance flooded and low maintenance valve regulated batteries. This smart charger ensures reliability, safety, and optimal charging. This charger is currently available in Medicine Hat.

    Electric Forklift Charger Details:
    • 36V Charging
    • Three Phase
    • 480 AC Volt Input
    • 750AH Max Output
    • Smart Charging
    • Automatic Bypass for Minor Faults
    • Zero Volt Switching Technology
    • Multi-Profile Capable
    • LED Screen

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