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  • Energic Plus

    24V Multi-volt Forklift Charger
    Key features
    • Make: Energeic Plus
    • Model: TSS
    • Unit #: C-68781
    • Serial #: 68781
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    • 240V INPUT, 1PH

    This Energic Plus 24V forklift charger is designed to charge Pb batteries, converting the AC main supply in a DC output at the correct voltage, to charge batteries safely and efficiently. LED lights make it easy to see where in the charging cycle your forklift battery is. This charger is currently available in Red Deer.

    Electric Forklift Charger Details:
    • 24V Charging
    • 240V Input
    • Up to 12 Hour Charging Time
    • Manual Start
    • Manual Output Set
    • Emergency Stop
    • LED Lights

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