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  • Douglas Battery LegaC2™

    Multi-volt Forklift Charger
    Key features
    • High Frequency Modular Charger
    • Make: Enersys
    • Model: DL3-GM-4Y
    • Unit #: C-13943
    • Serial #: RTC00013943
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    • 480V Input, 3Ph
    • Max AH: 1125AH

    Due to their modular construction, LegaC2™ chargers can maintain peak efficiency at all times by switching power modules on and off automatically. Should a single module develop a minor fault, the charger will bypass it and continue operation at reduced power. The charging process will continue uninterrupted, along with a facility’s fleet operations.

    This charger is currently available in Calgary.

    Electric Forklift Charger Details:
    • 24V | 36V | 48V Charging
    • Three Phase
    • 480 AC Volt Input
    • 1500 | 1500 | 1125AH
    • Conventional | Opportunity Charging
    • Data Upload
    • Programmable Features
    • Fault LED Indicator
    • LED Display


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