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  • Infinity High Frequency Chargers

    80V Forklift Charger
    Key features
    • Make: Industrial Battery
    • Model: FC 40/11
    • Unit #: C-11920
    • Serial #: U2009011920
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    • 480V Input, 3Ph
    • Max AH: 475

    This Infinity 80V forklift charger has an intricate layered heat-sink to create turbulence in the natural flow of air with no moving parts. Our true Solid-State design improves reliability by eliminating the need to replace fan motors, or air filters, and eliminates risk of air contaminants being pulled into the charger cabinet. This charger is currently available in Calgary.

    Electric Forklift Charger Details:
    • 80V Charging
    • Three Phase
    • 480 AC Volt Input
    • 475AH Max Output
    • Smart Charging
    • Automatic Bypass for Minor Faults
    • Multi-Profile Capable
    • LED Screen

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