Operator Skill Training

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Designed for the non-operator, this course is for individuals with very little or no experience operating a equipment. This course includes one of the regular equipment safety training courses of your choosing and then offers extended operating time on the equipment to ensure operators can proficiently operate the equipment, safely, and competently enough to successfully complete the course and receive the wallet size operators certification. The extended driving time and will teach operators how to safely operate a forklift with an emphasis on manipulation of vehicle, and operating in confined spaces.

The theory portion is focused on operator safety awareness including;

» Safe and Proper Operation
» Site Assessment
» Equipment Assessment
» Safety Equipment & Devices
» Pedestrian Safety

The in-class portion of the course is followed by the practical portion where operators need to show they can safely operate. With this Skill Training Course operators will receive an additional operating time to ensure they can operate safely. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a ‘WestMat Certified’  wallet sized operators card.

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