Toyota High Capacity Cushion IC

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  • Toyota High Capacity IC Cushion

    • Toyota T360 Support
    Key features
    • THD Series
    • Model: THDC1800-2200
    • Capacity: 18,000 - 22,000lbs
    • Dana 3-Speed Transmission
    • Load Sensing 'On Demand' Hydraulics
    Spec Sheet

    The High-Capacity IC Cushion Forklift is a home run when it comes to versatility in the warehouse or manufacturing facility. The High-Capacity Cushion has you covered with its ability to lift up to 22,000 lbs. You will have your product moving in no time. Have a paper plant with larger than normal rolls? The High-Capacity Cushion forklifts are available with a roll clamp to make those operations a cinch.

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  • Toyota High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase Forklift

    • Toyota T360 Support
    Key features
    • Model: THDA15/80
    • Capacity: 15,000 - 80,000lbs
    • Extendable Counterweight / Counterbalance
    • Multi-stage Telescoping Boom
    Spec Sheet Brochure

    A horizontally-adjustable counterweight makes the High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase one of the most versatile forklifts in the industry. With just the push of a button, the counterweight can extend out hydraulically to drastically improve the forklift’s maximum lifting capacity.

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