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In FAQ Forklift Safety | Sep 8, 2016

Class I: Electric Motor Counterbalance Rider Trucks.

3-Wheel Sit-down Electrics, 4-wheel Sit-down Electrics, Stand-up Counterbalance Electrics


Does the training we offer only apply to Toyota Forklifts?

Answer: No, our forklift training applies to all makes and models of lift truck. Operators should ensure they are certified in the proper classifications but operators cards will apply to all manufactures, makes and models.


Book Safety Training: Class 1,4 & 5



Class II: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks.Toyota Stand-up Reach Truck

Stand-up Electric Reach Trucks, Order Pickers.


Do I need additional training for Class II?

Answer: Yes, Class 2 narrow aisle training is over and above the regular sit-down Class 1,4,5 training. If you do not require the standard Class 1,4,5 training we offer Class 2 training at our regular price. However, you can add Class 2 training to the regular sit-down forklift training for only $75.  


Book Class 2 Package Deal




Class III: Electric Motor Walk-Behind and Rider Hand Trucks.

Walkie Power Jacks, Walkie Stackers, Rider Jacks, Rider Stackers.


Does my regular sit-down forklift operators license cover Power Jacks and Stackers?

Answer: No, similar to Class 2 Narrow Aisle, operators using Jacks and Stackers will need to take the additional Power Jack training. We offer a training package to include Class 3 for an additional $75 when taken with regular sit-down training course. 


Book Package Deal | Book Class 3 Only (Jacks/Stackers)



Class IV: Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalance Lift Trucks.
(solid/cushion indoor tires)

Straight Mast, Warehouse Style Sit-down Forklifts. (gas, diesel, Propane)


Where does the training take place?

Answer: We have 6 safety training centres that you can attend. For groups of 6 or more you can request that our instructor does that course at your location and on your equipment. 


Safety Training Centre Locations |  Book a Group




Class V: Internal Combustion Engine Counterblance Lift Trucks.
(Pneumatic tires)

Straight Mast Sit-down Forklifts. (gas, diesel, propane)


Does this include heavy lift, Kalmar type equipment? i.e 36,000lb capacity forklifts?

Answer: Yes - Heavy Lift / High Capacity Forklifts are still considered Class 5.

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Class VII: Rough Terrain Forklifts

Straigh Mast Rough Terrain Forklifts, Telescopic Rough Terrain Forklifts, 4x4.


Can I get Westmat Certified on Class 7 - Rough Terrain Forklifts?

Answer: Yes - Our instructor usually comes to your site so that the training takes place on the equipment and terrain operatorsdeal with on a daily basis.

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