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Forklift Operator Licenses and Re-Certifications

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In FAQ Forklift Safety | Jul 22, 2016


Q1. How many years is my forklift operators card valid for?
         A. Forklift Operators Card is valid for 3 Years


Q2. How often should Forklift operators get Re-Certified?
         A. Operators should be getting Re-Certified every 3 years. Or, in the event of an incident, operators should be getting re-certified.


Q3. What is required to get Re-Certified?
         A. The course must be taken again in full. Operator needs to pass the Exam and Operator Competancy Testing.
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Q4. I lost my Forklift Certification. Can I get another?
        A. Yes, we can re-issue your license. Fee's may apply.


Q5. How long does it take for my Forklift License to arrive once I pass the safety training course?
         A. Usually 2 - weeks for wall certification and wallet operators card to arrive. However, you are considered licensed from the date of the class forward for 3 years.


Q6. Do Operators need to carry their Forklift Operators Card with them?
        A. No, but forklift operators are required to have their drivers license with them if they are on public roadways at any time. 


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