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Forklift Tires

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Cushion (Warehouse) Tires

Traction | Smooth | Non-Marking

Traction tires, ideal for indoor warehouse forklifts used outdoors occasionally. The treaded traction tires will give forklift operators more traction on slippery surfaces and assist the forklift on slight inclines, such as loading ramps. A variety of tread types is available. Non-Marking options are also available. 

Smooth tires, ideal for warehouse forklifts used indoors only. The smooth (no tread) design makes these cushion tires more durable, lasting longer for high use applications while also providing the operator a more comfortable ride in comparison to the previsouly mentioned traction tires. Non-marking options available.

Non-Marking tires are available in traction and smooth. Non-marks are often used in warehouses to prevent black marking on the floors, however, food and beverage industry are often required to implement non-marking tires because black tires produce a carbon soot residue when they heat up from usage. Although, non-marks provide plenty of benefits like reduced floor cleaning costs. It should be known, there is a couple draw backs. Because different compounds are used to manufacture non-marks they are not as durable and will not last as long standard black tires, they are usually more expensive, and lastly, a static strap is often required to prevent static build up.

We offer cushion tires for all makes and models of indoor propane and electric forklifts, including the, Toyota 8-Series Warehouse forklift.


Pneumatic Tires

Air Pneumatic vs Solid Pneumatic

Air Pneumatic tires will give operators a smoother ride and provide additional flotation if the forklift is being used in gravel or soft ground. Air tires also come with a much better price tag in comparison to solids.

Solid Pneumatic tires are available in a variety of tread types. Although, solids may come with larger up-front cost, they will last longer and operators don't need to worry about flats. Solid tires can also be re-grooved to provide additional tread to used tires starting to smooth out. Non-marking tires are also available. 

We offer a variety of Non-marking and regular black Pneumatic tires for all makes and models of propane and electric pneumatic forklifts including the, Toyota 8-Series Pneumatic lift truck;



Rough Terrain Tires

Standard RT in stock and available for all makes and models of rough terrain straight mast forklifts and telescopic zoom boom reach forklifts. Designed to operate on soft uneven ground, RT tires are great in loose gravel, muddy yards or out in the field. A variety of treads can be found for ouyr Load Lifter 4x4 forklifts, including the equal tire F-series, D-series, compact laborer and telescopic Reach trucks.

Float Tires, frequently used in the turf care and sod farm industry. The float tires are designed to provide a lower impact on ground where equipment is being operated, reducing stress on the grass and minimizes the number and depth of tires ruts left behind. View float tires in use on Load Lifter's Agri-lifter here.


Tires Chains can be made to fit almost all forklift tires. Its important that your chains fit the tire properly to avoid damaging the forklift. Call us today and one of our Customer Service Representatives or parts technicians can have a set of extensions built to fit your forklift tires correctly.


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Tire Pressing, Installation and Disposal

Worried about down-time? We will book tire swaps around your schedule to reduce down-time. 

We come to you and take care of tire removal and disposal, pressing and installation. 

Contact Us today and schedule your next tire swap. 



Free Forklift Assessment

Do you have questions about your forklift(s) and what tires are best for your application? 

A member of our experienced team of CSS Representatives can visit you to assess your forklift and the application in which it is used. Call us today and request a site-survey or click the request a quote button above and one of our CSS reps will get in touch with you to set up a meeting and answer any questions.


We are here to help;

Measure your tire wear and assess how much life your tires have remaining.

Help you decide what tire style and tread is best for your application.

We can coordinate tire installation, tire pressing and disposal of tires around your schedule. Book Tire installation Now.

We can also provide re-grooving, re-treads and foam filling if you're looking to extend tire usage lifecycles.