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Forklift Forks

Forklift Forks

  • Hook type Forks
  • Shaft-Pin-Bar Style Forks
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Forks | All Types & Classes Available

We carry a full range of forks for all makes and models of forklifts for all usages and applications. Any fork style can be sourced to meet your requirements. Standard or Fully tapered hook forks, shift-pin forks, lumber forks, Gypsum forks and tire forks just to name a few.

Hook-Type Forks, These common forks are readily available and can function with a standard Class 2, 3 or 4 Carriage. A variety of Tips and Tapers are available. Hook-style forks are usually used with a standard indoor, outdoor, warehouse style forklifts and often used in conjunction with a side-shifter. Hook forks are easy to install or remove in applications where a variety of fork lenghts may be required, or, if forks occasionally need to be removed for use of a specialized attachment. With-out a fork positioner, hook-type forks can be difficult to re-position with higher capacity lift trucks. Forklifts with a capacity of 10,000lb or higher, you may want to look into a hydraulic fork positioner to make re-positioning forks easy and safe. Hook-type forks come in a variety of styles for a variety of applications;

  • Lumber Forks
  • Gypsum (drywall) forks
  • Tire Forks
  • Drum Forks
  • Folding Forks
  • Tin-plate Forks
  • Anti-slip Forks
  • Spark Retardant Forks

Shaft-Pin-Bar Type Forks are also very common. Usually used with heavy lift forklifts, 12,000lb lifting capacities and up. Shaft-Pin-Bar forks are frequently used in conjunction with a fork positioner. In comparison with Hook-type forks, Shaft-Pin-Bar forks are not nearly as interchangeable. Because of the Shaft-Pin design, installing and removing requires a little more know-how. Different tips and tapers are available as well as a variety of different styles specifically designed for your application. 

  • Lumber Forks
  • Block Forks
  • Coil Forks
  • Peek-A-Boo Forks
  • Tin-plate Forks

We recommend having a service technician remove and install new forks when working with a shaft-pin-bar style forks.


Fork Inspections

Because Safety Matters.

You should be checking your forklift regularily. In addition to daily walk-arounds, you should be inspecting the integrity of crucial items such as forks on a regular basis. Operators should be checking for obvious issues prior to use each day. For a more detailed inspection, our CSS Representative will provide a free fork inspection where we will measure fork thickness, check for bends, cracks and deformations that may be of concern. If any serious concerns are found, we can arrange for NDT magnetic particle inspection to decide if the damaged forks can be certified as is, repaired and then certified, or if they are simply deemed unsafe and should be replaced.

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Fork Attachments

Fork Positioners

Ideal for applications that involve frequently re-positioning forks for different sized loads and with high capacity lift trucks that makes moving heavy forks extremely difficult. Don't waste time adjusting forks all day and improve productivity with a fork positioner. 

Fork Positioning Product Info Page | Order Now

Fork Rotators

Great for dumping or rotating product. Great for waste disposal, scrap metal disposal or any other bins, boxes and containers. Fork Rotators have the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. 

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Double Pallet Handlers

Improve productivity by stacking pallets two wide in one trip. Great for filling truck with loads two pallet wide. Pallet handlers can be equipped with side-shifting function as well to ensure product is still being positioned properly. 


Fork Extensions

Easy to install - We have extensions of all lengths and widths to match your forks. Fork Extension length should be no more than 150% of the fork length. i.e 4ft forks can use up to 6ft extensions. However, We strongly suggest using forks of adequate length rather than extensions when ever possible. Extensions are not designed to support weight. They are meant for added stability and nothing more. 

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Magnetic Fork Covers

Magnetic Fork Covers are designed to protect products prone to damages when contacted and lifted with bare forks. These fork covers are made of 3 layers. The top rubber layer is designed to protect product, an iron middle core and a bottom magnetic layer is resistant to abrasions, atmospheric agents and oil.