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Compact Rough Terrain 4x4 Forklift

Load Lifter Laborer

  • Load Lifter Laborer 4x4


The Compact Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough Terrain
6,000 to 10,000lb Capacity
Diesel Fuel

Spec Sheet


Originally developed for the mining industry, laborer is a heady duty, all purpose forklift that offers big machine features in a condensed format. Unlike industrial forklifts that share the smaller profile, the laborer is available in both 2 and 4 wheel drive and offers true rough terrain performance in a range of applications. The ability to move materials from inside the warehouse to outside yards in all types of conditions separates it from conventional forklifts. With widths available as low as 54 inches. This model offers a size advantage that few competitors can match.

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