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Kalmar RT Container Handler

Kalmar RT240

  • RT240
  • Military Grade
  • Collapsed
  • Container Handling
  • 4WD
  • Fork Attachment


RT Container Handler

Rough Terrain 

56,000lb Capacity

Diesel Fuel

Fording Depth of 5ft (60")

Crab Steering


Truely One of a Kind

Our Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handlers can be used in military and specialized commercial applications. These handlers can traverse unimproved, rough terrain surfaces while easily handling twenty- or forty-foot containers.

Proven and tested by the US Department of National Defense. These machines are purpose built for rough terrain conditions, fording through 60 inches of water and extreme operating temperatures. Built to provide unmatched reliability, durability, transportability and versatility. 


Load Handling Capability

  • Does the job of five vehicles on a drill or construction site.
  • stack and unstack 20-40ft containers with a gross weight of up to 56,000lbs
  • stack containers 3 high, 2 rows deep.
  • capable of driving up and down 27% slopes at lift capacity


  • Three modes of steering available (2wd, 4wd and Crab Steering)
  • Crab steering allows it to operate in tight positions.


  • Sling lifting capabilities
  • Forklift capabilities
  • Container handling

Rough Terrain Reliability

  • Operates in extreme temperatures, including the frigid cold of the arctic.
  • fording through 5ft of water.
  • proven and tested by the United States Department of National Defense.
  • perfect for optimizing work on drill and construction sites.


  • Patented folding boom design
  • additional third axel to reduce weight footprint
  • mountable wheels allow for loading on transport aircraft
  • ready to work when you are - transports in one piece by truck.


  • Built to military standards for operation by military personnel
  • Ergonomic design for operator benefit
  • Climate controlled ca for operator benefit


  • Sling lift Attachment
  • Forklift Attachment

Various other attachments available. Contact us for more details.